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Hunting Client Steve & Dawn Klotz

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Hunting Client Steve and Dawn Klotz

Cruiser Safaris Hunting Client Reference Letter and Hunting Photos

Steve and Dawn Klotz


Steve and Dawn Klotz - Kudu

If you're looking for a genuine down to earth African outfitter, Cruiser Safari's is the place for you. These guys give 110% every day. This just isn't their job, it's their hobby too. Imagine, loving what you do seven day's a week - and it shows. Their dedication, their passion, and knowledge is exceptional. They have to be the best group of PH's assembled in one place. And this is just the tip of the ice berg. The food is absolutely first class. You're never hungry. We each gained a couple pounds, but it was worth it!& Del Marie sure can cook! The accommodations are always kept neat, clean, and orderly inside and out. Your room is always straightened up, bed made, your clothes washed daily, then delivered to your room. The hunting vehicles, which take a daily beating, are also kept in top notch shape every day. You’re jumping into a clean truck every morning. This is truly a professional operation, dedicated to making your safari special. They know what it takes and they make it happen, it's what they do. As far as the animals you'll encounter: The quantity and quality will set you back in your seat. The entire staff is centered on making sure you go away with lasting memories like ours. You'll never forget your stay at Cruiser Safari's, never. Their Website is the most informative site by far that you'll find, and there are NO hidden costs.

Craig, Pieter, Grassie, Johan, Hans, Del Marie... You guys rock!!!

See you in 2011, we wish it could be sooner.

Steve and Dawn Klotz

Steve hunted with Cruiser Safaris in March 2009.

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