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Hunting Client Brian Bristow

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Hunting Client Brian Bristow

Cruiser Safaris Hunting Client Reference Letter and Hunting Photos

Brian Bristow

Brian Bristow - Kudu

Brian Bristow - Kudu

Let me start by saying I have hunted all over the world for everything from Alligators to Zebra. I have hunted with probably 50 different outfitters and Cruiser Safaris is hands down the best I have ever hunted with. I have never hunted with a more prepared or professional group than Cruiser Safaris. Their attention to detail and the trophy quality is unmatched by any other outfitter I have hunted with. At the time, I am writing this review I am preparing for my 3rd trip with them in August of 2017.

My first trip to South Africa was with Cruiser Safaris and I am sure like most folks’ I was nervous about traveling to a foreign country to hunt. Bob answered every question and supplied detailed info that calmed all my nerves. I booked the hunt and was met at the airport by the great folks at the Afton House bed and breakfast. They walked me through the police station to get my firearm permit and then on to their facility for the night.

The next morning, we were picked up by one of the guides and taken to Cruisers facility. We were immediately met by the owner Pieter and his wife along with all the guides. Most outfitters I have hunted with that would have been the last time I seen of the owner but not at Cruiser. We dined most mornings and had dinner each night with Pieter. Pieter even joined us on a few hunts, I loved the fact the owner was so involved with the day to day aspects.

As far as the hunting goes be prepared to be amazed. The number of animals seen each day of our hunt was uncountable. The trophy quality was also amazing. Upon arrival, back in the states I spent some time comparing my trophies to some of my friends’ mounts. In almost every category mine were of better trophy class. Pieter truly does a remarkable job of maintaining trophy quality animals for his clients.

Pieter and his staff do such a great job that you will find yourself wondering when you can come back even before you have left.

Brian Bristow

Some of Brian's 2007 Trophies

Blue WildebeestGemsbokKuduBushbuckBlack WildebeestRed HartebeestWaterbuckBlesbokWarthog

2009 Trophies

BaboonBlack-backed JackalBushbuckElandImpalaNyalaWarthog

Brian hunted with Cruiser Safaris in (2007 and 2009).

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