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Hunting Client Mike Cochran

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Hunting Client Mike Cochran

Cruiser Safaris Hunting Client Reference Letter and Hunting Photos

Mike Cochran

White Blesbok

Mike Cochran - Blesbok

Cruiser Safaris was my trip of a lifetime! The planning of the trip was expertly handled by Cruiser Bob, and I can't thank him enough for his expertise. Everything, from beginning to end, went off without a hitch.

I really want to thank Pieter and Lizelle, for their gracious hospitality. I especially want to thank Craig for putting up with this ole geezer for 10 days. All the trophies were "big enough"! Tanya, the cook put out such fabulous meals, I wanted to smuggle her home. The laughs and discussions around the fire at night were fabulous. Thanks Grassie, Johann, Jaco and Hans for the great camaraderie, and hospitality.

The trip was more about the total experience, not just horn length, and both were impressive. I want to leave you with a few key words that sum up the great 1st class magnitude of this trip:


You could do no better anywhere than hunting with CRUISER SAFARIS!

Mike Cochran

WarthogBlue Wildebeest

Mike hunted with Cruiser Safaris in July 2008.

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