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Hunting Client Duane Sweeney

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Hunting Client Duane Sweeney

Cruiser Safaris Hunting Client Reference Letter and Hunting Photos

Duane Sweeney


Duane Sweeney - Kudu

First let me say that you are welcome to email me with questions.

Now, without a doubt the hunt with Cruiser Safari has been the best hunting experience of my life. I had considered going for many years.... should have done it earlier. The rooms, food, and professional staff were all excellent. Most important the hunting exceeded my expectations and the quality and quantity of game was beyond belief.

I did a fair amount of research before selecting Cruiser Safari and was fortunate enough to have had an old college friend go a couple of years ahead of me, so this guy’s recommendations sealed the deal -- but more importantly my experience was such that I am already planning my next hunt for 2017, and I won't be researching for this trip -- it will be with Cruiser Safaris!

Duane Sweeney


Blue WildebeestGemsbokImpala #1Impala #2Warthog #1Warthog #2

Duane hunted with Cruiser Safaris in July, 2015.

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