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Hunting Clients Ellis & Martha Markham

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Hunting Clients Ellis and Martha Markham

Cruiser Safaris Hunting Client Reference Letter and Hunting Photos

Ellis and Martha Markham

Red Hartebeest

Ellis and Martha Markham - Hartebeest

My wife and I both enjoy hunting and have hunted together for over thirty years. We are not world hunters, but have been on four guided hunts in North America and have hunted for over ten years with deer hunt clubs in the eastern USA.

The experience with Cruiser Safaris was not only the best guided hunt we had ever taken, but was the only experience that we have had where we would not second guess what could have been better.

Martha did not hunt this time as she did not want the pressure of harvesting several game animals during our stay. She did enjoy seeing the different animals while accompanying me on hunts and at game parks. One day we just took our cameras, a lunch and sat near a water hole watching the animals come and go. Especially, she enjoyed a trip to Mama Tau to see the white lions.

I took a ten day and six plains animal package and ended up harvesting nine animals. The PH’s are the best guides that we have ever experienced. They spot game that it took me forever to see. Also, they are excellent at determining the horn size, distance of the shot, setting up the harvested animal for pictures, cooking your mid-day meal, etc.

What about the lodge and facilities? Do you want to be baby sat? There was nothing left unwanted during our stay. Everything was immaculate. Every day the rooms and lodge were cleaned and clothes were laundered. Meals were beyond ones expectations as were the evening times with the other hunting companions and personnel at Cruiser Safaris.

Would we go back? Yes!!! How soon!!!

Ellis & Martha Markham


Ellis hunted with Cruiser Safaris in June 2007 and April 2019.

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