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Hunting Clients George & Sandy Walker

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Hunting Clients George and Sandy Walker

Cruiser Safaris Hunting Client Reference Letter and Hunting Photos

George and Sandy Walker


George and Sandy Walker - Kudu

I have hunted my entire life and it has been a dream of mine to hunt in Africa for just about as long. I always assumed that the cost would be outrageous and something that I could never afford to do. Boy, was I wrong! Cruiser Safaris made my dream come true. Their website caught me and the wealth of information kept me. Everything I could have wanted to know was there, up front, in black and white. There were NO hidden costs.

My wife and I took our first trip with Cruiser Safaris in 2007 and to say we had a fantastic time would be an understatement. We returned in 2009, 2011, 2014, and again in 2017 with each trip better than the previous one. Pieter, Lizelle and all the staff made our stay there comfortable, totally enjoyable and something we will always remember. They treated us like family and each time we returned, it was like coming home to old friends.

The quantity and exception quality of the game was unbelievable. The PH’s were professional, knowledgeable, skilled and above all, friendly. I felt like I was hunting with a friend. We took only mature animals, most which make the SCI record book. Good game management is critical to the success of quality animals. I believe that over the past 10 years and our 5 hunts, Pieter has done an excellent job to ensure that all his clients have a successful experience.

Thank you to everyone at Cruiser Safaris for making each of our hunting trips unforgettable. To anyone who has ever wanted to go on an African Safari, we highly recommend Cruiser Safaris for the hunting trip of a lifetime. You won’t be disappointed!

George & Sandy Walker

British Columbia, Canada


George and Sandy hunted with Cruiser Safaris May 2007, May 2009, May 2011, June 2014 and September 2017.

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