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Hunting Client Roger Schulz

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Hunting Client Roger Schulz

Cruiser Safaris Hunting Client Reference Letter and Hunting Photos

Roger & Tommie Schulz


Roger and Tommie Schulz - Waterbuck

If you are looking for a quality South African Safari then Cruiser Safaris is certainly an outstanding choice. After several months of research reviewing the options of many outfitters, we booked with Cruiser Safaris and are very pleased that we did. They run an exceptional operation from the very first contact with Cruiser Bob to when the last shot is fired and you find yourself on the plane home. Cruiser Bob, Pieter and the staff at Cruiser Safaris will do everything they can to make your dream hunt come true. First the coordination and support delivered by Cruiser Bob before the hunt was great. He answered every question, provided up-dates along the way and ensured we were tracking in our preparation. And it didn’t end when the hunt was over; he followed up to ensure the hunt met our expectations. Upon arrival at the Base Camp, we were met with enthusiasm by the staff. We were not just another group coming through, we were honored guests. The lodging and food are first class and the hunting is exceptional. We hunted 7 different very large properties, each unique in its own terrain, challenges, adventures and hunting opportunities. As far as the quality of the game, we took 8 different animals and all made SCI record book standards. A large part of this is due to the exceptional abilities of the Professional Hunters (PH) that will do every thing they can to get you on the kind of game you are looking for. The best way I can sum up my experiences with Cruiser Safaris is to say that I will be taking my son there to share in another great adventure.

Roger B. Schulz


Roger hunted with Cruiser Safaris in July 2009.

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