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Pamper Yourself

Other Activities available while hunting with Cruiser Safaris

Pamper Yourself...for the Ladies ONLY

The days in your routine life can be hectic and are normally spent tending duties and obligations to your job, family and home. There are seldom even a few moments to spare to do something just for you. At CRUISER SAFARIS you can experience the excitement and beauty of South Africa and safari hunting AND take the well deserved opportunity to spoil yourself. Our camp offer amenities for relaxation, such as sun bathing near the swimming pool after taking a dip and soaking in the hot tub but for those who really want to be pampered..... there's more!

An array of indulgences for our female guests can be arranged through Pieter or your PH to enjoy while staying with CRUISER SAFARIS (Please see the NOTE below). We invites you to take advantage of these delights and to revel in the opportunity to do something just for you that will leave you feeling like royalty. Aloe Day Spa offers a range of services such as full body massages, facials, manicures, pedicures and more.

Aloe Day Spa Information

NOTE: If you are interested in any of these services we ask that you please make note of your interest on the Preferences Questionnaire as it is necessary to make arrangements in advance. There is no charge for canceling later if you change your mind or time does not allow for this day trip. Please note that all prices are quoted in USD and subject to change without notice and the exchange rate. The cost for this day trip is $75.00 pp plus spa prices.


Come on safari with CRUISER SAFARIS and Pamper Yourself.

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