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Health and South Africa Hunting Safaris

South Africa is a relatively "soft" country when it comes to health risks as the medical facilities are world class, with many excellent hospitals, clinics and private practices throughout the country. However, all medical treatment must be paid for at the time of service, so you should purchase a Travel Insurance for your stay. These facilities are just a short distance from all Cruiser Safaris locations. Visit our General Information/Insurance link where you will find additional information on Medical kits that are available and also a link for medical evacuation insurance.

Tap water is safe to drink throughout South Africa.

There are no immunizations required to enter South Africa. A Tetanus Booster (be sure yours is up to date prior to your departure) and Hepatitis A have been recommended by local Health Departments. Always see your doctor or local Health Department for advice and inoculations prior to your departure.

Most of the Limpopo Province, including Cruiser Safaris area, is Malaria-free. Visitors to the Northern part near the Zimbabwean border, Kruger National Park and KwaZulu-Natal are advised to take a Malarial Prophylaxis at least a week before visiting these areas.

Sufferers of specific allergies and ailments should ensure that they bring their own medications and prescriptions. (As your prescriptions can be refilled in South Africa it might be a good idea if you had your doctor write an additional prescription for your medications in the event that you lose yours or if you run out while you are there) Don't forget suitable head-wear for sun protection and sun protection creams and remember physical health awareness, as changes in routine could have an effect on your health.

Visit the following web site for more HEALTH INFORMATION.

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