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Wildlife Photo Gallery

Taking photographs of the African wildlife is something that everyone does when they come to Africa. We showcase all of the trophy photographs that we have received from our hunters in our newsletter but we felt that you would also like to see pictures of the wildlife in their element. Over the years several of our guests have sent pictures that they have taken while on safari and we have compiled these in this wildlife gallery. Each gallery below contains several pictures of that species. Almost all of the plains game animal images were taken on our properties during the photographer’s safari and give you an excellent idea of what you will see during your safari. The Elephant, Lion, Leopard and Cheetah galleries contain photos that were taken during visits to some of the different parks in South Africa. The miscellaneous gallery pictures are intentionally not labeled as to the type of animal. If there is an animal in that gallery that you would like to know its species, send me an email with your guess and I will send you the answer. Enjoy!

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Baboons & Monkeys Gemsbok Nyala
Birds Giraffe Ostrich
Blesbok Impala Red Hartebeest
Blue Wildebeest Insects Rhino
Buffalo Klipspringer Steenbok
Bushbuck Kudu Warthog
Cheetah Leopard Waterbuck
Crocodile Lion Waterhole Gatherings
Eland Miscellaneous Zebra
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